Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Booth A8: 2harrisons Unique Boutique

Hi everybody... check out this link to the cool virtual craft show where my jewelry is currently on display.

Booth A8: 2harrisons Unique Boutique

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First of Many Upcoming Introductions

Hi, fellow bloggers. I am entering into a new venture with plans to introduce you all to some of my favorite artists and blogger. As any of my fellow jewelry makers/designers or other artisans will tell you, we are always looking for one more avenue to reach you, our adoring public. We thrill at your most meager compliment; your "oooohs" and "aaahhhhs" make us simply giddy. And if you should actually wish to possess one of our creations, well,words are inadequate to explain our excitement.

LOL. Well, that was pretty sappy, but if you are still reading, I assume you ARE interested enough to find out who some of my favs are. To begin with, let me introduce you to a fellow Mississippi crafter. JewelryByMignon.....She creates beautiful jewelry..... She writes.....She paints beautiful pictures.....She loves Twilight....She enjoys the beach.... What else can I say? The girl is great. Although I have never met my new friend face to face, we have found that we have much in common. A physical ailment that left us searching for new ways to feel useful and make a little money at the same time, as well as a faith in God big enough to carry us through whatever life throws our way. Her most recent camping story with "hubs" and the "wee one" cracked me up. Check her out, won't you?!?

(Mignon also has a shop on Artfire.)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Handmade Craft Show
Do you love to shop??? Do you love craft shows?? Of course, you do! But nobody wants to have to deal with traffic, crowds, excessive heat or rain. Forget finding a baby sitter, taking a day off work, all that walking and lugging around your packages.
I have found the perfect solution. A place to shop 24/7/365. It's a virtual craft show!!! Don't you love it! The Handmade Craft Show promotes handmade artists and crafters from almost anywhere and offers a way for them to increase online exposure for their online craft shops or personal web sites. You get to see a sampling of their beautiful work (kinda like window shopping, ya know) PLUS there is a link to their shop if you want to see even more (like stepping inside to look around).
So if you are looking for great deals and wonderful handmade, one of a kind items for yourself, your home or for special gifts, it's the place for you. And by shopping there you will also be supporting the arts and crafts community. What are you waiting for?!? Oh... yeah... you need the link, right. OK, here it is:
If you are an artist or crafter, you should really check this out. Go to the Handmade Craft Show now to rent your virtual booth for just pennies a day. It's a great way to increase traffic to your site and boost your sales. So go.... go now! What have you got to loose?

My Jewelry Collage

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Love Etsy

I Love Making Jewelry

Some of my jewelry can be seen and purchased from
my on-line shop at

If you are not familiar with let me tell you about it. Etsy is a community of crafters who make anything and everything you can think of. Each crafter can set up his/her own shop using etsy's templates. Marketing, taxes, and all the other aspects of owning a small business are part of having an etsy shop. The shop owner photographs each item to be listed and downloads the pics. Since shoppers are not able to actually touch the items, turn them over and feel them, photographs are extremely important. They have to provide as much info for the shopper as possible. Learning to take better pics has been a real challenge for me, but thank goodness, these newer digital cameras make things so simple, I am getting better all the time. (I still have a long way to go, though).

Here are a few of my recent listings.
These are for sale now

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's T-Ball Time

Spring is here. Warm days. Sunshine, flowers, grass and allergies. Birds and butterflies in the air. And the beginning of T-ball season.

Seems like we always spent our summers at the ball park. Both my kids played ball during their school years. Brad started when he was just a little fellow and played right through his senior year. In fact, he still plays church league softball. And Lori played softball several years, too. That meant we were usually at the ball park 4 nights a week through a lot of those years. And sometimes they didn't even play in the same town, so that made things pretty interesting. We always tried to be great parents, so short of death or severe illness, we didn't miss a game. But, as with most things in this life, this too must pass. We lived through it and eventually, our kids grew up and moved on to other interests.

Thus, they now have children of their own. My wonderful grandchildren!! And they are completely into T-ball. They look sooo adorable in their little team shirts and matching caps with that big old leather glove on the left hand. (Of course, Ella's glove IS pink) And they even have cleats, if you can believe it, so they can run fast and get good traction on that dirt infield. Ella, 6, being quite the girly-girl, really doesn't like to get dirty and she sure doesn't like to get hot and sweaty out there where there is NO a/c. So she is having some problems with this whole T-ball thing. But she can really rip that ball off that T and she does run pretty fast, so she is a real good player. (FYI: Cullen won't get to play till next year) JC is 4 and he gets so excited about playing ball. As soon as he puts on his uniform he starts jumping and dancing around with the energy that God only gives to little boys. When he is on the field he "hustles"(his word) so hard, that sometimes when he is the runner on base, he forgets to run, and instead when his teammate hits the ball, he tries to field it. So funny. And so cute. All of them. Can you picture the kids playing in the field chasing butterflies or digging in the dirt? That is T-ball. But if you never had the pleasure of being present for a T-ball game, let me explain a little about it. Although some of the kids can hit a ball pitched by the coach (usually one of the teammates' dad), most of them cannot. So a portable device was developed that is placed over home plate--The batting T. An adjustable height tube can be set to the "swinging" height of the next batter and a ball is placed on it so he can knock it off. No umpires. No balls and strikes. Just keep trying till you knock the ball off the "T". They usually forget to run because they are basking in the glow of getting such a magnificent hit, while every parent present is yelling "run to first base". Finally the dad-coach will nudge the child along enough to get him started down the base line while every child playing in the field runs to get the hit ball. They usually pile up like a big football play till somebody comes up with the ball. The object seems to be to get the ball back to center "circle" where a pitcher's mound would be if we were playing with a pitcher. So play continues with each batter getting a hit and going to first base. Each runner moves up one base per hit till all players on the team have had their turn. Then they take the field and the other team comes in to bat. There are no outs called. They play 2 "innings" or about 1 hr. Then they line up and congratulate the other team on a "good game". How much fun!! Everybody gets a hit! Everybody wins! Nobody strikes out! And then: snacks and cold drinks. What a game!!

My life seems to have come full circle now. I am back at the ball park, but I just might not make every game. And I do not feel compelled to volunteer to work the concession stand or provide team snacks like the parents do. All grammy has to do is show up and root for her favorite little all-star. And have fun watching my grandkids have fun! It's a great life!!!